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Competition Rules & Equipment Requirements 2022

Mandatory Safety Equipment

  • ALL Surfski, Outrigger & Kayak competitors MUST wear an approved British standard Buoyancy Aid (PFD) 50N, or International meeting the same British Standard.
  • ALL Surfski, Outrigger & SUP MUST wear a safety leash.

Optional Safety Equipment

  • SUP may choose to wear an approved British standard Buoyancy Aid (PDF) 50N

Bay races Non-mandatory kit

  • Mobile phone in a waterproof case with SafeTrx App
  • VHF radio
  • or EPERB
  • A means of drawing attention (whistle) on PFD
  • Electronic marker flare.

Longer out of bay races additonal kit my be a requirement if the the race committee deam it necessary, this will be published by the club

Not adhering to the safety requirements above, competitors may be disqualified.

Event Rules

All competitors must abide by the following Event rules:

  • Wear the mandatory equipment as specified above.
  • Sign in to each event on Webscorer.
  • Competitors MUST attend the Race Briefing.
  • If you withdraw prior to completing the race, competitors MUST check out with the event marshall.
  • Stop and help any other competitor/s in difficulty whilst on the course.
  • Follow the event course at all times.
  • Follow the direction of water safety officials at all times when on the water.
  • Be aware of other bay users; be prepared to change course to avoid collision or accident; An accident may disqualify you from the race.
  • Competition Number: This will be allocated before each race. This will either be a number written on the competitor’s arm or leg. As you cross the line, shout out your number to the finishing marshal to record your placing.
  • Drafting by ALL Craft in your class will be allowed.
  • Sportsmanship behaviour is expected by ALL competitors. Any aggressive behaviour on, or off the water, or hindrance to other competitors to overtake fairly could result in disqualification

Not adhering to the rules above may have you disqualified.

Additional SUP Rules

  • Buoy turning SUP: The faster paddler on a buoy turn to take the outer line. Any aggressive ramming or bumping from the craft behind could result in disqualification.
  • Open SUP Men / Ladies: no more than 5 strokes on your knees, before efforts to stand up must be taken.
  • ALL Other SUP categories: no more than 10 strokes on your knees, before efforts to stand up must be taken.

Additional Surfski, Outrigger and Kayak Rules

  • Buoy turning Ski: The first boat to reach the marker has right of way, collision should be avoided. Any aggressive ramming or bumping from the craft behind may result in disqualification

Race Event points system

The “Jersey Paddle Club” are holding 4 summer races in 2022. Competitors’ 3 best results make up the final ranking position.


Points have a maximum for first place of 200 then every place thereafter is reduced by 5, e.g. 1st 200pts, 2nd 195pts, 3rd 190pts and so on down, this will be done for each class.

Competitors‘ three best results will count towards the final series, in the event of a tie on points will revert to the next best result.

Categories for 2022 series

Each category has to have a minimum of three competitors in each race to qualify. If there aren’t enough competitors to fill a category, you will be allocated a choice of eligible categories to enter.


Open SUP: raceboards no longer than 14′ in length (ideally for more experienced paddlers)

Fun SUP: ANY board no longer than 14′ in length

Junior SUP board of no longer than 14′ in length, (12yrs and under)

Open Surfski: race ski of any type

Open Kayak: kayak sit in without a rudder

Open Prone: Prone Board no longer than 14’0 in length

Venues and Times

The dates are provisionally set however, weather may cancel a race with a new date being arranged. The preferred venue for racing will be St Brelade Bay however this may change depending on conditions. The race committee will make the decision the day before the event. Event venues will be posted on Facebook and other media platforms on the Saturday prior to the event, along with any specific instructions for competitors to note.

The events are all planned for a 10am start. This may change with specific instructions. Race check in will be 9am – 9:30. Once checked in, the briefing will be done


It has been planned that races will be held in a bay situation, courses will be set to take advantage of weather and sea conditions.

  • Surfski or Kayak will have either a triangular, or out and back course of approximately a 6-10km distance, to test competitors in upwind, downwind and crosswind conditions.
  • SUP and Prone Technical courses will be 2-5km distance, closer to the shore.


Race start and finish area will be the same for all craft, depending on the amount of competitors there might be a staggered start per class.

At the briefing competitors will be told whether it will be a beach start or water start. (Beach starts mean running from land into the water; Water starts mean: SUP – sitting, legs astride the board ready. Surfski – standing in waist deep water ready to mount, Kayak – in boat ready.

Race Start will be an audible sound whistle or horn and the drop of a flag.


Race finish markers will either be a flag(s) or another visible marker. This will be confirmed at the race briefing.

To finish your race, leave your craft at the water’s edge, and then run to the finish with paddle in hand, call out your number for your placing to be registered. Note you must have your paddle in hand to record your placing. If a competitor doesn’t have their paddle in hand on the line they will not be deemed to be finished, and will have to retrieve the paddle and cross the finish line again.


Each competitor will have the mandatory safety kit on themselves.

There will be safety cover on the water however, you must be prepared to help yourself whether this is remounting SUP or Ski or rolling a closed cockpit kayak. The races have been set in a bay situation to make them safer for competitors and easier to manage the risks.

Each person will have their own personal limits. If you think the conditions are beyond your ability then do not enter the water. The event will have adequate safety cover available on the water, if you are unfortunate enough to be in difficulty, raise one arm above your head for assistance to arrive.